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Welcome to the Supervisor Skills training course. This course has been designed to help you develop the skills you need to be a successful supervisor in the Meat Industry.

You will see that there are 6 modules for you to complete.

  1. Your Role as a Supervisor
  2. Technical Aspects
  3. Good Communication
  4. Using Communication
  5. Manage your team
  6. Manage yourself

It is recommended that you complete the modules in this order as there are skills in some of the modules that you will need for the following sections.

Each of the modules contains information and examples, followed by workbook tasks that help you put the new skills and knowledge into practice with your team.

You should have a workplace training mentor who will work through the training with you. It is their role to help you put the skills into practice in the workplace. They will discuss the material with you, help you practice your skills and then help review your workbook tasks. If you don’t have a training mentor then you should talk to your training manager or manager to see if this can be arranged. Information for the training mentor can be found in the Facilitator’s Guide which is in the yellow box below. Your workplace mentor should read this guide prior to you starting your training.

Before you start work, you should print out the workbook which can be found below in the yellow box. To print it out, click on the link below and wait for the document to open. It might take a couple of minutes, so be patient. Then click on File in the top left hand corner, and then Print. When the print box appears select the printer you want to print to and then click on OK. It’s a good idea to put your workbook into a ring binder so it’s kept in one place and easy to use.

Once you have printed out your workbook and have organised your training mentor then you are ready to start. Have a look at the study tips and learning pathways and then get started on Module 1: Your Role as a Supervisor.

Click here to download the Facilitator's Guide PDF file.
Click here to download the Workbook PDF file.

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