A range of PPE equipment used on slaughter floors, boning rooms and Loadout:

Uniform shirts and trousers

  • Uniforms are worn to protect the product from the bacteria on your body. Uniforms are also used to cover over personal clothing such as underwear or outer clothing such as jumpers. This clothing must be fully covered by the uniform.

Uniforms for freezers and chillers

  • Working in cold environments presents specific problems and issues. Your company Work Instruction will set out when and where specific PPE for working in freezers and chillers is to be worn.


  • Hairnets must completely cover the head so hair and loose skin cannot contaminate the product. Disposable hairnets must be thrown in the correct bins at the end of each day or when they are badly contaminated.


  • Bump hats may be required in some production areas while hard hats are required in other production areas such as load out. They are safety requirements. Safety signs show where these hats must be worn.


  • Snoods are used to cover beards. Beards are required to be covered in all export works and many domestic plants. Snoods are disposable and must be thrown in the correct bin at the end of each day or when they are badly contaminated.


  • Rubber boots are designed to protect your feet from the water, blood and waste that is found on the processing floor. Boots need to be clean and free from contamination when you enter the processing area. This prevents soil, grease and bacteria on your boots being brought into the edible product.