Plastic aprons

Aprons are used to help avoid heavy contamination from blood, meat and guts.  Heavy duty plastic aprons must be washed thoroughly when indicated by your work instructions, and at breaks.

Cut resistant gloves

These gloves are made of a synthetic fibre often Kevlar. Their use has greatly reduced the incidence of knife cuts in the industry. Gloves must be laundered every day. They should be replaced if they become torn, frayed or heavily contaminated during the day’s work. A torn or frayed glove is both a hygiene hazard and an oHS hazard.

Mesh glove

These gloves made of steel mesh come in varying lengths and for both right and left handers. They must be sterilised according to the SOP and work instruction which will vary from work area to work area and task to task.  Mesh gloves must be checked for wear especially between the fingers and replaced when damaged.


Mesh apron

Protective mesh aprons protect the chest, stomach and genitals from knife cuts that can occur on the production chain.

Ear plugs and ear muff covers

You must always use hearing protection in the designated hearing protection areas.