How is PPE stored during breaks?

If you leave the processing area during breaks like morning tea or lunch, aprons, gloves, knives, steels and pouches must be cleaned and stored according to workplace procedures.

WI How is PPE stored at the end of the day?

At the end of the day or shift all personal equipment must be stored according to the work instructions for your plant. Lockers must be kept clean to ensure they don’t harbour bacteria or provide food for pests. Street clothes must be stored in a locker when not in use. To prevent contamination of street clothes to work clothes and visa versa, follow workplace procedures. These usually involve one of the following instructions:

  •  do not store work clothes in locker
  • never have street clothes in the same locker with personal equipment
  • only store clean dry equipment in your locker.


  • All PPE must be cleaned and stored correctly in your locker
  • Lockers / change rooms – work clothes and street clothes should be stored separately
  • Lockers need to be kept clean and tidy
  • Random locker checks are carried out by both Midfield and AQIS
  • Your locker is your responsibility