Work on Sandwich Panels

  • Sandwich panel has been to cause of catastrophic events where sandwich panel has ignited undetected as the result of hot/cold work, drilling or hole saws, have been used.

Hot/Cold Work

  • Where hot work e.g. welding, grinding, heating, burning, is to take place a Hot/Cold work permit is required in some areas refer to “Hot/Cold Work Permit” in the General OHS Manual.

Tag Out Lockout Procedures

  • Tag out Lockout procedures must be adhered to, refer to OHS Manual

Work on ladders

  • Only small power tools requiring only one hand to operate are to used when working on a ladder.
  • Any ladder must not be climbed at an angle less than 4to1 or greater than 6 to 1.
  • The person on a ladder must not reach further than arm length beyond the style of the ladder.
  • No more than one person should occupy a ladder.

Use of Vehicles

  • All drivers must hold current driver’s license and comply with road laws and regulations.
  • Midfield will not be responsible for fines incurred by drivers failing to comply with road rules.
  • Vehicles should be driven in a courteous manner to other road users that does not bring the Midfield name into disrepute
  • No alcohol is to be consumed within 12 hours prior to driving Midfield Vehicles.
  • All loads must be secure, no heavy items are to be carried within the cabin of the vehicle.
  • No passengers other than Midfield personnel are permitted, without permission from management.

Maintenance Contractors

  • Contractors must:
  • Ensure that all personnel are inducted into site safety and emergency procedures
  • All plant and equipment have hazard and risk assessments.
  • That all personnel have been issued with P.P.E. appropriate to the tasks to be performed including high visibility vests.
  • That job safety analysis is completed and approved by Midfield Meat Group management.
  • That contractor vehicles are only parked on site subject to approval from Midfield Meat group management
  • That all mobile plant operators are conversant with Midfield Meat Group traffic management procedures.
  • Loading and unloading of plant and materials complies with Midfield Meat Group procedures
  • Contractors are required to work in compliance with the maintenance safe work procedures
  • Contractor visitors are only permitted when they are directly involved in the performance of the completion of the contract.